Restoring Bladder and Kidney Functions

The body’s waste processing systems are some of its most indispensable resources, and so any issues with them could be sign of a deeper and more serious issue.

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Repairing Physical Injuries

Homeopathic treatment can be an incredibly effective option for treatment of pain, discomfort and lack of mobility resulting from injuries.

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Balancing Hormonal Disturbances

Hormonal imbalance is common in individuals in times of transition, such as men with decreasing testosterone production as well as women approaching and after menopause, and can cause issues from depression and insomnia to unstable moods and infertility. The Homeopathic Alternative specializes in utilizing homeopathic treatments to activate the body’s natural healing response to resolve these imbalances and restore proper working order.

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Given the right information people can heal themselves. The human body is constantly creating, restoring and refining balance. Homeopathic remedies, when given accurately, are themselves pieces of information which give the body direction and impetus.

The moves used in the Bowen Technique work similarly in that very gentle moves act as information to the body to help it reset itself to gain optimal health.

Please read testimonials on acute and chronic conditions to understand the effects that homeopathic and Bowen treatments can have. Their ability to restore one’s health has been proven to be a miraculous gift to people. Give it to yourself.



In 1790 Samuel Hahnemann, a well-known and respected physician and medical scholar, began developing homeopathy as a system of healing.

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Homeopathic Consultation

The homeopathic consultation can in itself be curative. The homeopath listens attentively and writes all that the client says. The client is in the position to give a full account of the derangement, or disease state from which they are suffering. Connections are often made for the client through the action of speaking and really being heard. The homeopath gathers all the details of the clients history including family history and all health history from gestation and birth if possible . The homeopath gives it the time needed for the client to reveal all the symptoms and health derangements that can be addressed. A remedy is then prescribed . The client comes back in a month for a follow up and is encouraged to call or e-mail with any questions.

Bowen Therapy

When   a client  is treated  by the Bowen therapist he or she remains clothed. The symptoms and disorder are discussed. Sometimes the resolution of the problem is the treatment of a  body part that is distant from the ailing area. All parts are connected in the human body and  the therapist  sets up  communication between the nervous system and all the parts. The human body responds with healing when the right information is given. There are  2-15 minute waits in between moves where  the therapist leaves the room and allows the  client to settle. This is where the real work begins and it is done by the clients own innate ability to  heal. 



Bowen therapy can be offered as a complement to the homeopathic treatment.

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I take cases over the phone, Skype or Facetime, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home.

Unlike traditional medicine, which often requires your physical presence and tests, during the homeopathic consultation the homeopath gleans most  information from the subjective observation of the patient about their suffering. Capturing the uniqueness of the patient's individual expression is essential for a homeopath to select a proper treatment, and can be done over the phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Over the course of my homeopathic career, a substantial number of cases were taken and successfully treated over the phone, even though I never had the opportunity to meet those patients personally.

In this regard, I want to assure you that whether you take time to travel to Dedham to see me or we converse over the phone, the quality of your treatment will be the same.


The Bowen Method is a special active manipulation treatment that is proven effective in relieving pain and promoting good mobility in key joints. This makes Bowen therapy from The Homeopathic Alternative an outstanding option for individuals suffering from ailments such as frozen shoulder and other common stiffness and mobility issues.

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